Our Technology.

the system.

finer droplets.

The fog produced in the Airponix system is much finer than other competitor’s and can penetrate deep into the root hairs allowing them to absorb what they want, when they need it. 

Current Aeroponic systems have a droplet size of around 50μm whereas the Airponix system operates with droplets that are <20μm.

root access.

Having walk-in access to the roots not only allows for easy harvesting, but also allows for continuous harvesting. Once something has reached its optimum size it can be picked off the plant without killing it allowing the plant to carry on producing.

ozone sterilisation.

The system uses an Ozone sanitation system which means that no harmful chemicals are needed either inside, or outside the chamber.

IoT enabled.

The system is fully connected with LoRaWAN sensors and feedback allowing users to access, monitor, and edit the settings from anywhere in the world – even through their phone. This allows for the remote monitoring and changing of the nutrient mixes and humidity of each individual chamber.

the airponix advantage.

The game-changing fog generated by the Airponix system surrounds the plant’s roots allowing them to absorb the exact nutrients, water, and oxygen they need, when they need it, creating “the nirvana of plant happiness” and unlocking a wealth of other benefits.

By creating this optimal environment, Airponix ensures phenomenal yields from a variety of crops. Additionally, our unique A-frame structure enables easy access to the whole plant, facilitating continuous harvesting, even of root crops.

All of these benefits safeguard your business from the threats of climate change and soil depletion.

better plant health.

low water consumption.

low energy consumption.


strong grower returns.

easy access to roots.

the past.

Small-scale demonstrations

the present.

Scalable, large form-factor frame

the future.

Significant scale-up and automation

the history of airponix.

John Prewer, co-founder of Airponix, under the mentorship of Buckminster Fuller, the renowned visionary, invented aeroponics with patents granted in both GB and US. 

John explains in this interview his vision and beliefs on how to solve the issues that feeding humanity is currently facing. Disruptive technology is required to improve the resilience, sustainability, and productivity of global food supply systems.