The System

Finer Droplets


Hydroponics floods roots like a river, does not oxygenate the roots and requires pumping around large quantities of fluid which is energy intensive.


Generic aeroponics sprays or mists their roots like rain, which also results in water having to be pumped around or dumped after a single use. Droplet sizes are around 50μm.


The fog, contained within our versatile A-frames, is very effective, penetrating right into the root hairs, letting them absorb exactly what they need, when they need it. Nothing is wasted. Droplet sizes are below 20 μm.

Superior Root Structure

The dry fog enables root systems to take on their natural form, unlike hydro- and aeroponics where root systems are saturated.

Root Access

Having walk-in access to the roots not only allows for easy harvesting, but also allows for continuous harvesting and monitoring. Once something has reached its optimum size it can be picked off the plant without killing it allowing the plant to carry on producing.

Ozone Sterilisation

The system uses an Ozone sanitation system which means that no harmful chemicals are needed either inside, or outside the chamber.

IoT Enabled

The system is fully internet enable with LoRaWAN sensors, cameras and feedback allowing users to access, monitor, and configure the system remotely on a user-friendly platform. This allows for the adjustments of the nutrient mixes and humidity of each individual chamber from anywhere, while also having access to sensor data, trends and automated alerts.

The Past

Proof of concept, low tech

The Present

Scalable, internet enabled, large form-factor

The Future

Significant scale-up and automation