The System

A revolution in agricultural technology.

Our unique fog system produces quality food, more sustainably.

Traditional agriculture has enormous land, energy and resource requirements. As arable land becomes scarce, we need innovative technologies that can mitigate climate change while providing a reliable supply of produce.

Our AgriTech system is a radical solution to feed a growing population sustainably: producing nutritious produce with 95% less water, no soil and at much lower cost. Through our patented fog-based technology, a fine mist nourishes roots without the limitations and environmental impact of other methods. It uses a fraction of the land of traditional farming and is considerably more sustainable that existing technologies like hydroponics and aeroponics.

Finer Droplets - Better Produce

Unique, patented nutrient-rich fog generation system results in our unique droplets being smaller than conventional aeroponics.

Existing technology makes crop production more versatile, but it has serious limitations. Hydroponics is energy-intensive and does not oxygenate roots effectively. Aeroponics, which use sprays or mists, also involve considerable energy consumption and waste. The challenge: how do we grow better-quality produce, using less energy, water and land?

Airponix is a major leap forward, in both sustainability and quality. It’s all about our miraculously fine water droplets – each smaller than a human hair. The Airponix system produced a unique fog that penetrates right into the root hairs, so they absorb precisely what they need, when they need it. It’s a low-carbon, low-water system, zero-waste way to produce extremely high quality crops.

Fresh produce, anywhere and always

Simple low-cost structure to support scalable agriculture.

Our versatile A-frame needs much less land to produce root vegetables and other staple crops, anywhere in the world. 

With walk-in access to the crops’ roots, harvesting becomes much easier. It also allows for continuous monitoring and harvesting: once a root vegetable reaches optimal size, simply pick it off the plant and allow the crop to keep producing.

Say goodbye to harmful pesticides

Airponix uses an ozone sanitation system, assuring safe, healthy produce grown predictably, without any harmful chemicals or additives.

Airponix uses an ozone sanitation system, so you can assure safe, healthy produce without any harmful chemicals or additives.

Data-driven insights for precision agriculture

Airponix used the latest Internet of Things (IoT) capacities to provide real-time, detailed feedback, accessible from anywhere in the world. Get sensor data, trends and automated alerts at the touch of a button. Operators can even adjust the nutrient mix and humidity mix of each chamber remotely!


The Past, Present and Future

From proof of concept prototypes…

…. to scalable, internet-enabled design

… and significant scale-up and automation

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