Commercial & Research Trials

Kisima Farms
- Kenya

We are currently running trials in Kenya with Kisima Farms which have been yeilding incredible results.


- Cambridge

Initial trials with PepsiCo have provided a number of crucial insights.



Private Partner - Scotland

Trials with one of the largest mini-tuber producers are underway and showing very promising results.


- Scotland

James Hutton Institue are assisting in optimising Airponix units to improve production and sustainability.         


Field Trials

We continue to test our seed potato output quality with independently run field trials. When compared to high quality commercial seed, we have either matched or exceeded the competition.

Relevance to UAE and GCC - Challenges We Solve

Water Scarcity

The Airponix system is extremely water efficient, as water recirculated within the system, allowing for a drastic decrease in water consuption.

High % of Imported Food

Our system enables local production of crop on a mass scale, voiding the need to import food.

Increasing Population

Our system has a greater efficiency of area compared to flat farming technologies, resulting in an increase in food production, to feed the growing population.

<5% Arable Land

The Airponix solution is a soilless technology, removing the requirement for arable land.

Crop priority

The airponix A-Frame is crop agnostic, enabling all of the preferred crops of the UAE and GCC to be grown.

Kenyan Case Study

Delivering exceptional results

We are initially focusing on high-value crops. However, our vision is that as our cost-base decreases, we will move down to grow staple crops more economically.

How it Works

Partnership & Outsourcing

We are looking to parner with international growers, small and large, to help optimise their production systems.

Consultancy & Construction

We offer a full consultancy service to design and build a system tailored to the clients’ specific crop and environmental needs.

Global Capability

We’ve proven our system with a wide range of crops growing in a number of countries ranging from Scotland to Kenya.

From first world to third world and from small scale farmer to major agri-producer, our innovative airponix approach offers commercially attractive solutions to growing a wide variety of crops.

Michael Ruggier
CEO & Founder of Airponix Ltd.