Tested in real-world conditions
We continually test our output against independently-run field trials to ensure our system produces quality food that meets or exceeds the highest global standards.

Ensuring food security in the Gulf
The UAE has made food security a policy priority. The Airponix system can play a pivotal role in overcoming the main agricultural challenges the region faces:

Low water use

Water scarcity is a critical issue in the Gulf region. Airponix is extremely water efficient – in fact, the system uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

Local production

The UAE and other Gulf countries currently are reliant on large volumes of food imports. Airponix enables local production of quality crops at scale, using a fraction of the land.

Soilless Technology

With Airponix, you can grow more food using fewer resources – which means higher yields, to feed a growing population.

Compact Farming

Airponix uses no soil – which eliminates the requirement for arable land. And our unique A-frame design means you can farm on a much smaller area.

Adaptable agriculture

Airponix is a versatile system that lets you grow the preferred local groups, including potatoes and other root vegetables and much more.

Kenyan case study

How it works?

Creating value at scale



Our goal is to build partnerships with international growers of all sizes to help them optimize their production.



We offer a full consultancy service to design and build a system tailored to the clients’ specific crop and environmental needs.


Global reach

Our system has a proven track record growing a wide range of crops in locations around the world.

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